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Information Request Coordinator


1) Manage CCAT's E-mail Account - This is the main part of your job.  CCAT receives thousand of E-mail request for information each year.  It is you job to respond to them in a timely manner.  You will need to check the e-mail daily, as there is also a rudely high volume of junk mail to delete.  If you do not know the answer to a question, research it, or ask a co-director or relevant CCAT employee.  Save this information for next time.

You are also responsible for:

a) Forwarding important mail to the co-directors.

b) Erasing junk mail from the account. 

c) CCAT frequently receives publicity flyers or internship opportunities.  Please print these out and post them, or forward them to the CCAT employee list if they are worthwhile and relevant.


To access CCAT's e-mail account, go to HSU web mail.  Our username is CCAT.  The password is seacat1


2) Respond to Phone Requests - Check the CCAT Phone Log at least once a week.  The Co-Directors will leave you messages of info requests to respond to.


3) Compile Information to Distribute - Some of the questions you receive will be easy to answer, while others will be more difficult.  All the hours that you are not doing #1 and 2, you should spend compiling information.  Our goal is to have a concise explanation of each technology that CCAT demonstrates so that our answers to interested people can be more useful. This info should also list other references.  If you need input on topics to research, contact a co-director.

  • Develop handouts for frequently asked questions or important CCAT topics such as
    • Solar energy
    • Solar thermal
    • Grey water
    • Wind
    • Natural building
  • Compile resource lists on topics including:
    • People with expertise
    • Book Titles
    • Websites



4) Communicate with Co-directors and other employees - In order for our program to proceed efficiently, it is important that everyone involved communicates with everyone else. Please keep the co-directors and others informed of what you are doing, what sort of requests you are receiving and from where, any help you need, or ideas you have to increase CCAT's ability to distribute information. Keeping a data log of info requests is a helpful way to keep organized and develop contact lists. There is a notebook to record the hours you work and what specific tasks you did, along with your timesheet. Since you may often work off site, keeping a personal log of the hours you work and what specific tasks you did, to be turned in with your time sheet, is acceptable.