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Tour Guide Coordinator


The tour guide is the face and spirit of CCAT that many visitors interact with. It is crucial that tour guides be able to speak confidently and professionally about the CCAT program, as well as the various systems that are demonstrated.


1) Scheduling Tours - We recieve many requests for guided tours.  Most of them will be written in the CCAT phone log.  Your job is to confirm these requests, and arrange for a tour guide to be there.  Please write any tours that you schedule onto CCAT's monthly wall calendar, including who has committed to giving the tour, estimated age group, and number of tour attendants.


2) Giving Tours - You do not need to give every tour at CCAT.  Your job is to give the tours you can, and find people to give the others.  CCAT directors and employees will often give tours if asked.  If you have scheduled yourself for a tour, you must be there!  If someone else is sheduled to give a tour, please call to remind them.  If you must miss a tour that you are scheduled to give, call the co-directors at least two hours in advance!


Weekly tours: To maintain regularity, CCAT offers a tour every Friday at 1pm.  Find someone to give this tour if you cannot.


3) Training Tour Guides - Another way to get tour guides is to lead "Tour Guide Training" workshops.  Try to give two or three of these workshops each semester.  Even if it doesn't yield a new tour guide, it will help people gain a deeper understanding of Appropriate Technology.  CCAT has compiled a tour guide training manual for you to use and distribute.


4) Personal Education - In order to give a quality tour that serves to educate, inspire, and represent the values and systems at CCAT, it is important for tour guides to have a working knowledge of the various systems at CCAT (i.e. PV, greywater, compost), and other appropriate technologies. It is helpful to be able to speak to different education/age levels, and include or be able to reference such pertinent information as cost of systems, additional resources, technical details, alternatives etc.  


5) Seeking Out Groups for Visits - CCAT is always trying to reach-out to more people.  Giving tours is an effective way to spread knowledge of appropriate technology and resource efficient living.  You can try to draw tours by sending a nice letter to area schools, youth groups, after-school programs, and other special interest groups.  We also receive visits from groups further away.  Be creative in your outreach.

Please use CCAT letterhead, nice paper, and get co-director review before sending.


6) Communicate with Co-directors and employees - In order for our program to proceed efficiently, it is important that everyone involved communicates with everyone else. Please keep the co-directors and others informed of what you are doing, what tours are scheduled and from where, any help you need, or ideas you have to increase CCAT's ability to provide quality tours. Keeping a data log of tours is a helpful way to keep organized, maintain up to date accounts of visitors, and develop contact lists. There is a notebook to record the hours you work and what specific tasks you did, along with your timesheet.