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Web Administrator


1) Maintain and Improve CCAT’s Website

  • Keep all information current and up to date including

1.     Pictures

2.     Links

3.     News

4.     Contacts

  • Add relevant links, data, and projects
  • Check and compare website to other similar organizations (stay competitive)


2) Digitize information

  • Move files and projects to website or Appropedia
  • Create archives for old information
  • Scan in old files and pictures


3) Work with CCAT employees and co-directors

  • Assist Internal branch with file and information organization
  • Work with External branch to publicize events and calendars on website
  • Work with Co-directors to add needed features

4) Communication with Co-Directors about the website is critical

5) Follow the HSU Web Office requirements for university websites

  • HSU Wordmark
  • Website accessibility and Web Standards

6) Provide Information Technology and Technical Support as need

7) Recommended Software

·      Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop version CS


1)    Programming Languages

·      HTML (entry to moderate level)

·      PHP (entry level)

·      CSS (moderate to advanced level)

·      JavaScript (entry level)

·      MySQL or SQL, Database Design and Development (not required)

·      Use of Dreamweaver Templates

·      Documentation of your code

2)    Familiarity with Web Standards and Website Accessibility

3)    Experience with Dreamweaver and Photoshop will be a plus

4)    Graphics design

5)    Minimal Technical Support as needed