About CCAT

The Campus Center of Appropriate Technology (CCAT) is a student-run, student-funded, live-in laboratory for sustainable living located on the HSU campus.  Through a mixture of appropriate technologies and lifestyle choices, we seek to prove firsthand that living lightly on the earth can be both practical and rewarding.

We generate much of our own electrical power and hot water; use recycled, natural, and/or low-toxicity materials in much of our construction; grow some of our own food; and much more.  We regularly host educational tours and events to outreach to the public, and we offer a series of classes that further our mission.

As one of three Co-Directors, you will live in CCAT (see Benefits, below) and work with a team of 15-20 student employees to envision and enact CCAT’s future.

About Co-Directorship

CCAT Co-Directors engage in many activities that will provide them with experience and knowledge on how to run non-profits. Some of these activities include: interpreting the mission of the program, making fundamental decisions of policy, setting annual goals, writing and executing budgets, supervising staff, volunteers and students, designing and implementing new projects, planning and running events, representing the organization within the University and the larger community, and doing the dishes at the end of the day.

CCAT is a public house and Co-Directors should be comfortable with consistent interactions with the public; in general, privacy is limited to the Co-Directors' bedrooms and the rest of the house is usually open to visitors and employees.


Position-Specific Duties

  • CCAT is divided into three branches: Internal, External, and Physical Site. Each Co-Director officially leads a branch, though specific duties are often flexible and dependent upon the Co-Directors' individual abilities and interests.
    • The Internal branch manages the budget, employee payments, the website, the newsletter, the library, and relations with Associated Students, our parent organization.
    • The External branch outreaches to the campus and the public by planning tours, events, and workshops, creating supporting materials (such as flyers), and engaging in fundraising and tabling efforts.
    • The Physical Site branch maintains the existing house, grounds, and appropriate tech projects and also designs and builds new ones with the help of employees and volunteers. Physical Site is also the liaison between CCAT and building-related campus departments such as Plant Operations.
  • All three branches work closely together to advance CCAT’s mission, and all three Co-Directors likewise cooperate on tasks such as writing new budgets, setting new goals and policies, hiring new employees, planning our big annual festivals, and refining CCAT’s long-term vision… not to mention doing the dishes at the end of the day.

General CCAT duties for all employees

  • Attend regular employee and branch meetings
  • Assist in tabling and outreach efforts
  • Assist in the preparation of volunteer and employee meals a few times a semester
  • Assist other employees, volunteers, and Co-Directors as necessary


  • Passion and interest in Appropriate Technology
  • Must be an HSU student or grad student
  • Minimum 2.0 current and cumulative GPA
  • Enrolled in at least 6 units for the Fall semester
  • Prior experience a plus, but not required
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • A tireless dedication towards building a better world

Helpful Experience

  • Verbal and written communication, leadership, exceptional organizational ability, understanding of appropriate technology principles, ability to work in cooperation with others, good interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and the desire to learn!

Schedule and Pay

  • 40 hours / week
  • Unpaid Internship, Live-in Work Trade (see Benefits, below)
  • Flexible scheduling, to be coordinated with Co-Directors and your branch


  • Free rent for a year in Arcata’s most amazing house, no utility bills, food and herbs from the garden, being an integral part of the CCAT community, greatly increased confidence, experience teaching/facilitating courses, managing employees and running a non-profit.
  • CCAT is an amazing opportunity for anybody interested in leadership in sustainability; very few other organizations will give relatively inexperienced college students this kind of chance to manage and run a well-funded organization employing 15-20 students.
  • CCAT is a leadership & learning opportunity like no other… it also doesn’t look too shabby on a resume!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have little to no management experience!  There’s no way I know how do this!

As long as you’re seriously interested in the position and willing to dedicate the time and effort into building something amazing, we encourage you to apply.  You will be supported by your fellow Co-Directors and staff, along with the resources of the CCAT Steering Committee and several HSU departments.

The CCAT Co-Directorship is part leadership, part on-the-job training, and you’ll quickly learn to make up for your shortcomings and balance your strengths with others’.  Some Co-Directors are great managers, others are great builders, others yet are amazing facilitators, organizers, planners, or even jacks-of-all-trades.  You will be examined for your individual strengths and abilities, and the only way to find out if you're suited for the job is to try applying.

All of CCAT’s Co-Directors in its 30-year history have been students just like you: young, relatively inexperienced, nervous, but passionate and dedicated to their goals.  CCAT will help you realize your potential just as you help CCAT realize its.

Q. I have no experience with CCAT.  Can I still apply?

Absolutely.  We deliberately open the application to all HSU students.  CCAT thrives on diversity and new ideas, and while being familiar with CCAT certainly helps, it’s not a prerequisite.  Many of our Co-Directors have had limited to no prior exposure to CCAT.

That said, we do encourage you to at least familiarize yourself with CCAT’s mission and Appropriate Tech focus and think about how CCAT fits into the larger sustainability movement.  Operational details can be learned, but your interest in the things we care about will greatly influence how much you enjoy your time here.  Spend a few minutes looking at our website and our sister site Appropedia to get a better idea of what we do before deciding to apply.

Q. How much time will I need to dedicate?

We estimate at least 30-40 hours a week.  We strongly recommend not taking more than 12 HSU units, including no more than two academically-intensive courses — we can’t emphasize this enough!  As a CCAT Co-Director, you can optionally choose to enroll in some of CCAT’s own classes, giving you up to 7 additional academic units if you need them.

Most CCAT Co-Directors have not held outside jobs, instead relying on personal savings, food stamps, Financial Aid, and other sources of income, but remember that during your term, you won’t be paying rent or household utilities.

Q. Which branch do I get?

That’s up to you and your fellow Co-Directors.  Traditionally, we aim to strike a healthy balance between each person's preferences and their qualifications. There is also the possibility of switching branches halfway through your term, after your first semester.

To Apply

Please visit the Co-D application page at:

Thank you!

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