Outreach Coordinator


A primary component of CCAT's mission is to educate the campus and surrounding community on the benefits of Appropriate Technology. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for reaching out to HSU classes, clubs, and organizations, along with community groups and non-profits, to connect them with CCAT and our work.  This is done primarily through hosting tours and workshops for these groups on the CCAT grounds, and going to community events for tabling and workshops. This often includes visiting local primary schools and interacting with their students. The Outreach Coordinator can be considered to serve as the face of CCAT, sharing enthusiasm about the work we do with others.


Position-Specific Duties

  • Organize and facilitate tours of the CCAT grounds
  • Train other employees and volunteers to be tour guides
  • Outreach to on campus and off campus groups about CCAT and develop ways for us to bring them here or bring us to them, in accordance with our mission and goals
  • Work with the volunteer coordinator to organize off campus tabling events
  • Work with the Education Coordinator to help bring groups to our workshops and events, especially May Day and Harvest Festival
  • Go to HSU classes and organization meetings on and off campus to share about CCAT
  • Incorporate Environmental Justice, Decolonization, and community empowerment into outreach efforts

    General CCAT duties for all employees

    • Attend regular employee and branch meetings
    • Assist in tabling and outreach efforts
    • Assist in the preparation of volunteer and employee meals a few times a semester
    • Assist other employees, volunteers, and Co-Directors as necessary


    • Must be an HSU student during your employment
    • Experience, knowledge, and/or excitement for event and group coordination
    • Has good time management and able to meet deadlines
    • Good networking, communication, and interpersonal skills

    Helpful Experience

    • Previous experience with networking and outreach
    • Experience with public speaking and good phone/email presence
    • Experience with scheduling multiple events and coordinating them
    • Previous tour guide or docent experience

    Schedule and Pay

    • 6 hours / week
    • $10 / hour $1,680/year
    • Flexible scheduling, to be coordinated with Co-Directors and your branch

    To Apply

    Please visit the application page at:

    Thank you!