The Groundskeeper is responsible for the upkeep and beautification of CCAT grounds. It is also important the the Groundskeeper collaborate with Co-Directors and other employees to complete projects. In general the groundskeeper should focus of the cleanliness and aesthetics of the grounds primarily and other projects secondarily. If availability permits, the groundskeeper will often be a project manager during volunteer Fridays.

The grounds comprise all of the outside areas that are not the vegetable and herb gardens.  The way the grounds look has an immediate impact on our visitors, many people only see CCAT once, so it is important to keep things clean and beautiful all the time.  


Position-Specific Duties

  • empty compost bin
  • wash and dry dish rags
clean bathroom downstairs
  • make sure supplies are stocked
  • scrub toilet if needed
  • wash sink and surfaces
  • sweep floor
clean utility closet
  • ensure aisle is clear
  • remove rubbish
  • consolidate supplies
  • sweep floor
clean library lounge
  • re-arrange furniture
  • empty trash bins
  • empty compost
  • sweep floor
  • water plants if needed
  • collect and wash dishes in kitchenette
  • move supplies to closets

  • Pick up or take out trash
  • Weeding of all borders and beds
  • General clean-up and tidying
  • Sweeping pathways
  • Rolling up hoses,
  • Cleaning up and putting away tools- even if they are not yours
  • Maintaining mulch on paths and beds
  • Improvements to pathways or borders
  • Maintain drainage on site
  • Special beautification projects
  • Documentation of new projects, plantings, etc
  • Working with volunteers
  • Coordinate with gardeners, maintenance, and engineer technician on grounds needs and projects
  • Work with outreach coordinator and office manager to contact volunteers for Fridays and other projects
  • Work with Events Publicists to publicize exciting or new projects happening on the grounds
  • Work with co-directors for future grounds plans and priority projects

    General CCAT duties for all employees

    • Attend regular employee and branch meetings
    • Assist in tabling and outreach efforts
    • Assist in the preparation of volunteer and employee meals a few times a semester
    • Assist other employees, volunteers, and Co-Directors as necessary


    • Must be an HSU student during your employment

    Helpful Experience

    • Yardwork, maintenance, gardening, restoration work, other field work.

    Schedule and Pay

    • 6 hours / week
    • $10 / hour $1,680/year
    • Flexible scheduling, to be coordinated with Co-Directors and your branch

    To Apply

    Please visit the application page at:

    Thank you!