The CCAT library is one of Humboldt's best resources on sustainable living, appropriate technology, alternative energy, human power, and other related topics. The Librarian organizes, maintains, and improves the library to ensure that it stays useful and easy to use. As time permits, the Librarian may also assist the Internal Branch and CCAT as a whole with other duties.

This year, CCAT is also attempting to digitize its library holdings into an online catalog. We are especially looking for candidates with both library and electronic catalog experience (e.g. people who have studied Library Science or who have worked with digital catalog systems at other libraries). We're currently exploring Koha, LibraryThing, and Readerware, but we're open to your ideas as well!


Position-Specific Duties

  • Digitize library catalog and check-in/check-out system
  • Maintain clear signage and directions for checking out books
  • Continue to streamline library checkout process and book searches 
  • Re-shelve returned books
  • Fix worn-out book labels
  • Email people who have overdue books
  • Make sure that reference books are clearly labeled so they don’t get checked out
  • Maintain electronic book records
  • Maintain, improve, and expand collection of books, magazines, dvds, and digital resources each semester
  • Check with CCAT Budget Administrator for book budget
  •  Purchase books from local book sellers whenever possible- make local book store and contact list
  • Check with Co-Directors, employees, and classes for needed books
  • Get new book list approved before purchase
  • Educate HSU and community about CCAT library through
    • Fliers
    • Press releases
    • Emails
    • Etc
  • When time permits:
    • Finding information in CCAT resources
    • Organizing Binder information
    • Organizing file cabinets
    • Updating and organizing handouts
    • Organizing pictures and photo albums
    • Give information to Web Master to put online

    General CCAT duties for all employees

    • Attend regular employee and branch meetings
    • Assist in tabling and outreach efforts
    • Assist in the preparation of volunteer and employee meals a few times a semester
    • Assist other employees, volunteers, and Co-Directors as necessary


    • Must be an HSU student during your employment

    Helpful Experience

    • Organizational Skills

    Schedule and Pay

    • 6 hours / week
    • $10 / hour $1,680/year
    • Flexible scheduling, to be coordinated with Co-Directors and your branch

    To Apply

    Please visit the application page at:

    Thank you!