Office Coordinator - Breakdown of Duties


The following duties are to be divided evenly, in terms of hours required, between the two Office Coordinators.

They are listed in order of PRIORITY, meaning the things at the top are more important.

Please note that this list is subject to change as CCAT is a very dynamic organization.

Miscellaneous, Ongoing Things (Up to 1 hr / week)

  • Please pick up/drop off CCAT mail whenever you're coming to or leaving work
  • Remind all employees on the 14th and the last day of the month to turn in timesheets (email or text)
  • Send out meeting reminders for Employee Meetings
  • Help with flyering and tabling when you're available
  • Help with Doodle scheduling from time to time

Online Upkeep (Up to 1 hr / week)

  • Making sure contact lists are current
    • Include at least name, email, and phone number for the following groups in our Google Contacts:
      • All Employees
      • Individual Branches (Physical Site, External, Internal)
      • Active Steering Committee
      • Steering Committee
    • From those groups, print out and update paper versions
      • One by the upstairs phone
      • One by the downstairs phone
  • Adding new email signups to our Mailchimp list

Office Upkeep (1 hr / week)

  • Regular tidying of downstairs office
  • Regular restocking of supplies
    • Used printer paper (pick up from ROSE/computer labs) with staples removed
    • New printer paper (100% PCR paper is available from MarCom for $5 / ream)
    • Ensure that whiteboard markers are refilled from the ink tank
    • Check other office supplies:
      • Pens, tape, staples, thumbtacks, paper clips, etc.
  • Turn off computer and printer if not in use

Budget Upkeep (1 hr / week + 1-2 hours at the end of the month)

  • Make sure all check requests are entered into budget
  • Double-check available employee timesheet math according to AS policies
    • Breaks
    • Per-day & weekly maximums
  • At the end of every month, make sure our budget and timesheet logs match AS's monthly printout

CCAT Master Plan Process (2-4 hours / week)

  • Get brought up to speed about the Master Plan
  • Organize next steps
  • Plan meeting times through Doodle
  • Attend meetings, assign duties, keep the process going
  • Take notes, make flowcharts, etc.

Note-taking (Up to 4 hrs / week)

  • Attend meetings and take minutes
    • Employee Meeting (1.5 hours / month)
    • Steering Committee meeting (1.5 hours / month)
    • Branch Meetings, as needed (1 - 3 hours / week)

Consolidating Online Materials (As many hours as possible)

  • Moving materials from Mainshare to Wiki
  • Uploading pictures from Mainshare and CD-ROMs to Picasaweb

Improving's CCAT Organizational Abilities (Variable hours)

  • Any time you believe a process or system could be more efficient or done better, please speak up!
  • What the heck should we do about all the files in our filing cabinet?
    • Investigate digitization possibilities
    • And/or investigate how other organizations (YES house, HSU library, HSU Associated Students, etc.) deal with huge collections of paper files

Appropedia Improvements (As time permits)

  • Moving old paper files to either Appropedia or the Wiki
  • Improving CCAT-related Appropedia pages
    • Adding pictures as you see fit
    • Making sure links still work