Organic Gardener


Part grower, part educator, the CCAT Organic Gardener leads the way towards a more self-sufficient, soil-to-supper lifestyle that meshes human needs with ecological awareness. By growing food without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, the Organic Gardener reconnects people to the earth that feeds them and gently reminds them of the interconnectedness of our habitat.

The position is an essential part of CCAT’s mission to “live lightly on the earth”.  You are charged with the care of CCAT’s gardens and botanical features and with interpreting them for our visitors and students through volunteer events, the Organic Gardening Class, and interpretive displays/handouts you may choose to create.


  • Plan, plant, and maintain CCAT Gardens and other botanical features (herb spiral, food forest, mushroom beds, living roof, etc.).
  • Develop a semesterly and yearly budget and plans for expanding and intensifying the gardens.
  • Utilize and coordinate volunteers during Volunteer Fridays for garden tasks around the grounds.
  • Maintain CCAT's compost system.
  • Co-teach CCAT’s Organic Gardening class once a week.
  • As necessary and as hours permit, assist CCAT Co-Directors and staff with everyday CCAT duties, including Physical Site projects, major events, workshops, tabling, etc.
  • Attend regular employee meetings.


  • Must be an HSU student during your employment
  • Must be able to work well together in a small team with the other Gardener, Groundskeeper, and other Physical Site staff
  • Must be willing to keep a vegetable and herb garden without the use of synthetic chemicals
  • Must have a strong environmental ethic and care about the means as well as the end
  • Must be self-motivated and require minimal supervision
  • Must be able to effectively communicate in front of a small class of students as part of the Organic Gardening class

Desirable skills and experience

  • Prior gardening/farming experience a plus
  • Familiarity with small-scale agriculture, such as CSAs (communicated-supported agriculture) or small family farms
  • Ability to articulate the finer points of organic agriculture and its differences from traditional agriculture
  • Experience purchasing garden supplies
  • Experience working with organizations like CCAT, the YES House, or other non-profits


8 hours a week.

Times/days flexible, to be determined with other Gardener and Physical Site staff.


$10 / hour $2,240/year

To Apply

Visit the application page at:

Please note: We receive many applications for this position, and though we would like to interview everyone, we cannot realistically do that due to time and staffing constraints. We give preference to those with the most experience and the best applications. If you are not chosen for an interview, you are always welcome to apply again at a future date or to apply for one of our other available jobs. We appreciate your interest, and thank you for your understanding!